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Drive-In Movies

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Drive-In Instructions and Information

Updated as of June 14, 2020

  • Gates open one hour before showtime.
  • Parking is first come first served and your parking spot will be determined by your vehicle size and facilitated by our parking staff.
  • Your purchase entitles your car to one parking space.
  • Re-entry is not permitted.
  • All tickets must be purchased in advance online. There are no onsite ticket sales.
  • We have an FM transmission station for the movie sound. If your vehicle does not have a working radio, you will need to bring a battery powered radio to hear the sound clearly.
  • If you use your car radio, you need to put your car on auxiliary or accessories mode as not to run your battery down. We have jumper cables on premises, however we cannot jump start any vehicles until after the movie has ended.
  • You may not leave your car during the movie unless you need to use the restroom. If you need to exit your car, you must wear a face covering and maintain 6'-0" space between you and anyone not in your party. Patrons will form a line outside the restroom with 6 ft. marked spacing. One patron will be allowed in each restroom at a time. An attendant will wipe down surfaces frequently with disinfectant spray.
  • At this time, the movie must be viewed from inside your car. Convertible tops must remain closed.
  • While we are actively parking, please remain in your vehicles.
  • You may bring outside food with you, but you must keep trash in your car and take it with you to protect Music Center staff.
  • No vehicle lighting is allowed while the movies are shown. Headlights, parking lights, and all interior lights must remain off. Your engine/air conditioner must also remain off.
  • Please have consideration for the patrons parked around you. Do not use loud voices, horns, radios, or any type of sound loud enough to disturb other patrons.
  • Laser pointers, fireworks, or any other device that is disruptive to the movie is not allowed and will be grounds for removal without a refund.
  • No alcohol is allowed on the premises.
  • RVs, campers, buses, and trailers are not allowed.
  • Pets (except appropriately marked service animals) are not allowed on premises during the movie. Service animals will have a designated area to use the bathroom towards the back of the parking lot.
  • Do not approach our entrance tents on foot.
  • The movie/film will proceed, rain or shine, unless the weather (especially lightning or wind) makes it impossible for us to continue. In the event of such weather conditions, you would receive communication through our FM Transmission or (in case of power outage) via employee with a bull horn. If we cannot continue the movie, refunds will be issued online, not on premises.
  • Smoking/vaping/weaponry are not allowed on premises.
  • For your safety, shoes and shirts are required at all times.
  • Video/Audio recording of any film is a federal crime and is subject to fines and/or prosecution.

Parking Policy

Parking location will be based on the height of your vehicle.

  • Short Vehicles (Compact) park in the designated PURPLE area.
  • Medium Vehicles (Mid-sized) park in the designated YELLOW area.
  • Tall Vehicles (Truck/ SUV) park in the designated RED area.
  • Extra Tall Vehicles (Van) park in the designated BLACK area.

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