Welcome to The Maestro Society!

Maestro Society members are committed leaders who make a significant annual investment in BMC of $2,500 or more to support our mission and education programs. Each year, Maestro Society members play key roles in the dynamic growth and success of the institute and festival through their generous financial support. Their ongoing support translates into the continued development and all-around success of our students. When you invest in BMC, you invest in the future of its students.

Virtuoso - $2,500

Annual Fund - Virtuoso
Scholarship Fund - Virtuoso

Composer's Circle - $5,000

Annual Fund - Composer's Circle
Scholarship Fund - Composer's Circle

President's Circle - $10,000

Annual Fund - President's Circle
Scholarship Fund - President's Circle

Artistic Director's Circle - $15,000

Annual Fund - Artistic Director's Circle
Scholarship Fund - Artistic Director's Circle

Chairman's Circle

Supporters who give an annual gift of $25,000 or more to support Brevard Music Center's gifted young musicians will enjoy a personally designed experience that includes exclusive privileges, premium access, and behind the scenes perspectives. Please contact the Development Office at 828-862-2121 to discuss the full range of opportunities.

Donate an amount of your choosing to the Brevard Music Center Annual Fund or Scholarship Fund.